Idaho wildlife officials rescue deer with trash can lid around its neck

Wildlife officials in Idaho said staff came to the rescue of a deer found wearing an “awkward necklace” — a metal trash can lid.

Idaho Fish and Game said personnel from the department’s McCall office were recently contacted about a mule deer doe spotted in the McCall area with a metal trash can lid around its neck.

“The lid did not appear to be on tightly, and was not affecting her ability to move or eat, so staff waited overnight to give her a chance to pull the lid off on her own,” Fish and Game officials said in a news release. “Unfortunately, she was unable to do so, and the calls started again the next morning.”

A team of rescuers located the deer near a local disc golf course and used a dart gun to tranquilize the deer so the lid could be removed.

“The trash can lid came off easily, and the deer woke up looking no worse for the wear,” the department said.

Officials said the department often gets calls for deer tangled in human-made objects including hammocks, Christmas lights, plumbing fixtures and rodent traps.

“Trash can lids make awkward necklaces for deer,” the news release said.