Why doesn’t every team have a second helmet?

The NFL’s decision to ditch its goofy one-helmet rule has opened the door for all teams to generate excitement (and revenue) via the resurrection of an old helmet or the generation of a new one. Still, not many teams have taken advantage of this golden opportunity.

Teams embracing helmets from days gone by include the Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, and Falcons. (The Bucs will bring back their white helmets and the Seahawks will return to silver helmets in 2023.)

Teams with alternate, non-throwbacks include the Panthers (black), Bengals (white), Texans (red), Commanders (black), and Saints (black).

The Eagles will use black helmets in 2022. In 2023, they’ll instead use their old Kelly green helmets.

That’s 12 teams, of 32. While other teams have alternate looks that entail peeling off their logos and replacing them with other ones (or no logos at all), every team should have a second look. Fans like it. Fans buy the alternate jerseys and helmets. It’s a simple part of the business; any team that isn’t taking full advantage of that possibility is missing an opportunity to make more money.